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Note: These instructions do not apply to releases after v1.4

Running the provided build and test scripts

TFS Admin Tool contains scripts for building and testing modifications to the source code. You can find these scripts under the Verification Scripts folder.

To perform a build, run the following from the command prompt
build.cmd [clean  rebuild] [debug  release  fxcopdebug  fxcoprelease]

  • clean and rebuild are the build types
  • debug, release, fxcop-debug, and fxcop-release are the different build configurations.
    • debug and release configurations build TFS Admin Tool and then build and run its installer.
    • The FxCop configurations build TFS Admin Tool and then run FxCop on its assemblies.

To run a TFS Admin Tool test pass,
  1. Edit the TestConfig.xml file to describe your TFS installation and to identify test accounts. See section 3.1 in the TFS Administration Tool Test Plan located in the doc directory.
  2. run the following from the command prompt
runtests.cmd [debug  release]

  • runtests.cmd runs the TFS Admin Tool unit tests and scenario tests.
  • The scenario tests require having access to your own TFS Server.
  • All scenario test output is written to scenarioOutput.txt.

More information is available in the TFS Admin Tool Test Plan.doc under the doc folder.

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