Free Group IM

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Mar 14, 2009 at 1:04 PM
Anyone know of something like Groove  that is free that users can log into with am IM client and see others who are online that have logged into the same 'group/workspace' etc.
I'd like to have a TFS Admin Tool real time communications channel so that when people working on the project are online and working on the project they can log into that IM group and messages could be broadcast or direct. This would also allow the larger community as a whole to log into that group and see others or the listed develepors online and talk with them about it.

We don't have presence awareness in the groups on here and it's just not the same as an interactive more real time IM style conversation?

Anyone know of free group collaboration software. Or I'd sponsor a small cost for a hosted version as long as the clients were free to everyone.
I guess I need to scour and as well as some others.

Does this make sense?