TFS Admin 2.1 Tool and Disappearing Entries

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Apr 12, 2012 at 5:38 AM

Our TFS 2010 install is used both by Business Analysts and our Developers. The Analysts only need access to SharePoint\ Reporting Services, not TFS Source control, so I created just such a record for them under TFS Admin. Then I  successfully committed the record but noted that the record immediately disappeared from the Admin tool. I re-created the same record, committed it again, and once again the record vanished fom the Admin tool. The History tab showed the record was indeed created so something is odd.

I checked SharePoint and found the Analyst assignment I made was indeed present in SharePoint. Under Team Explorer I manually assigned the Analyst group "read" only permissions to the TFS site and the missing record now appeared under TFS Admin.  I think this is a bug in the product. Do you agree?