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Collaborative Real-Time Jabber Discussions

In the search for a means for the community and especially the contributors actively developing on the product to interact easily in real time over a group IM mechanism that could also be easily captured and memorialized we have set up a multi-user conference room on So what we now have is a multi-user chat room that is password protected, though the password is on this page, so that the community can interact in real time.

The requirements are:
* jabber compatable client
* an IM account of some sort the client supports and that is compliant with the jabber protocols (gmail for instance is, MSN isn't is seems)

The details are as follows for the conference room and will be followed by a specific example of how to connect using Pidgin (I found Pidgin to work well).

* Room name: TFSAdmin_codeplex
* Server name:
* password (all caps): TFSROCKS

To set up Pidgin or any other similar jabber client to use the multi-user conference room do the following:

Select 'Join a Chat' or 'Add a Chat'

Fill in the appropriate fields with the values above

You will than have available the multi-user conference room that will look like the following

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